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The first Taiwan-France ECOTECH Conference on Parkinson’s disease, co-organised by PRISME, gathered researchers from France and Taïwan  to discuss recent both medical and engineering methods and technologies to characterize balance loss and gait disturbance induced […]

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Last 3rd and 4th December, our PROPHETIC team gathered in Paris for the 3rd Face to Face meeting organized by Streamvision. […]

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On 13th October 2015, the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control (INRIA) organized in Bordeaux (South-West France) a one-day convention dedicated to connected medical objects or systems. […]

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AIJU and the Alicante Parkinson’s Association are working together to aid development of a new generation of video games […]

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A news item published in AIJU’s newsletter, which is a bimonthly publication, in which information is given about the project meeting taking place in AIJU’s facilities last June. It was attended by the different representatives […]

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It’s used to play video games and treat phobias. […]

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