Last 3rd and 4th December, our PROPHETIC team gathered in Paris for the 3rd Face to Face meeting organized by Streamvision. All the members from Greece, Spain and France were there to support the project and see how they could serve better patients with Parkinson disease. As a reminder, the PROPHETIC project is an innovative Personal Healthcare Service for the holistic remote management and treatment of Parkinson patients.

This 3rd Face-to-Face allowed the team to update on their mutual and continually evolving work, where they stood and what remained to be done to prepare the next mid-term review. Each member presented their progress, what they were preparing for the survey, which sensors should be preferred, what they needed from other partners to move forward. The whole group was on tracks and even in advance on the project.

PROPHETIC meetings are also an opportunity to reinforce friendly relationships between all partners. This time, Streamvision organized a dinner in an oriental restaurant so that all partners could enjoy a warm atmosphere and have a good time.