On 13th October 2015, the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control (INRIA) organized in Bordeaux (South-West France) a one-day convention dedicated to connected medical objects or systems.

Many specialists in this field from academic institutions, private companies, physicians were around the table. Among them, Dr. Mohamed Rebiai from Streamvision was invited to speak about his experience on e-health connected objects and he took this opportunity to emphasize the European Project PROPHETIC in front of an auditorium full of very interested people.

The program of this convention dealt with “how to (re)invent health? How to keep hospitals connected with population? Communication technologies will never be the definitive answer to the problems of ageing. But there are areas where technology can provide ways to improve care, safety and to reduce isolation.

One of the subjects covered was how new technologies for self-management are developing, particularly in health, enabling older people to take control of the personal health and health care management. Many healthcare services are beginning to develop location independent models – taking chronic disease management into the patients’ home, instead of relying solely on outpatient appointments in hospitals and clinics. Wide adoption of solutions such as home and mobile telehealth and telecare can do much to increase care effectiveness and overcome the limitations of time and place.

Examples of such health care management were given by Dr. Mohamed Rebiai from Streamvision when he explains what the European Project PROPHETIC was about. The PROPHETIC project is an innovating personal healthcare service for a holistic remote management and treatment of Parkinson patients. Dr. Rebiai gave an overview of how the consortium was working, who did what and what could be the outcomes of such an innovative project. Many people came to meet him after his speech to go on discussing about this very interesting project.
More about this one-day convention: https://www.inria.fr/centre/bordeaux/innovation/rii-sante/programme